Wiest’s Dam – York, PA circa 1905

In 1772, a dam was first built on the west branch of the Codorus Creek near York, PA

Dams were one of the first “infrastructure” projects to generate economic activity and community development for settlers.

Water-powered mills were necessary for the production of lumber and for the processing of many grain crops.

In parts of York and Lancaster Counties, the first roads were laid out or approved to reach Mills.

As ownership of the mill changed, this dam was known as the Stoner (or Steiner) or Klinedinst Mill or Bender dam.

It had other names as well, but internet sites noted the difficulty of locating the origin of the Wiest name.

Following the disastrous summer floods of 1933 which inundated parts of York city (pictures in an earlier post on this site), the land around the dam was condemned and developed in the flood control project of Indian Rock.

On-line, one can find several  websites devoted to the history of York County –  with more information about the Wiest Dam.

This postcard photograph was published by an unknown printer (probably in York) about 1905.

It was given by Grandma to an unknown person in 1907.


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