June Sees Movie Stars in Philadelphia – 1921

Very early in the history of motion pictures, film stars captured the interest and enthusiastic embrace of the public.

“Celebrity culture” around movies assumed a larger part of American life in the 1920’s.

In June of 1911, June was visiting Philadelphia, PA.

June sent a postcard photograph of the Philadelphia harbor to Mr. and Mrs. Achenbach of Schuylkill Haven.

Schuylkill Haven is a borough on the Schuylkill River, west of Allentown in east- central Pennsylvania.  First settled by Quakers moving north of the Blue Mountains in Berks County, the area grew with German settlers establishing mills on the Schuylkill tributaries.

On the reverse, June writes that she “arrived safe” and is having “a fine time”.

She promises to tell of the “wonderful sights”, but the only specific sight she mentions is a glimpse of movie stars – “Saw Francis Bushman and Beverly Bayne in person on Sat. night”.

Bushman and Bayne, married to one another for a time, were silent movies stars of the era beginning in 1910.

In the Comments, I link information about these early stars.

One hopes that June was impressed also by other things in this rich and historic city and that she was able to share them with the Achenbachs.


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