Will Lola Help to Butcher ? – Walkersville, Maryland (1912)

In November of 1912, Lola Valentine received a postcard from her Aunt, E.G.M.

Lola lived in Walkersvile, a town of Frederick County in north-central Maryland.


Lola’s aunt wrote from Union Bridge, a smaller town of Carroll County, about 14 miles northeast of Walkersville.


The postcard is a colorful illustration of pansies framing a scene of boats on the water.

The printed legend is “Greetings Sincere”.

The illustration was copyrighted in 1910.

On the reverse, Lola’s aunt begins with her request, “I am writing this to ask if your Mother and father can help us butcher on November 20”.

Butchering on the farm was a labor-intensive task, often performed in the Fall.

Depending on the size of the animal to be butchered, there could be a significant amount of meat to be cut, cleaned, and preserved as quickly as possible.

Lola’s aunt pleads, “please let us know”.

The aunt then asks, “How does the election strike you?”

The national election of 1912 was an exciting time as Teddy Roosevelt led the insurgent Republican “Bull Moose” party against the incumbent Republican President Taft.

This schism permitted Woodrow Wilson to sweep the Electoral College although he won only 42% of the popular vote.


Election Day was on November 5, so the results were still news when the postcard was mailed on November 7.

Unfortunately, the postcard does not contain any clues about the political leanings of the aunt or of Lola.

One hopes that the Lola and her parents were able to assist the butchering, and that everyone enjoyed a bountiful Thanksgiving.


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