“You Can Go As Far As You Like” – Comic Postcard (1905)

This comic postcard was made and published by our old friend, J. Murray Jordan, the prolific postcard publisher of Philadelphia.

On this site, I have published only the comic or occasional postcards of Murray, but he was a noted travel photographer – compiling remarkable photographic travel books.


Murray did his own photography and printing, and he often employed the same models.

This is the third postcard photograph we have seen of the young man with the magnificent mustache and of the amiable young woman.

Here, the two are riding in an open auto; the young woman has her arm around the man’s shoulders, and she is waving a small banner or pennant.

On the margin of this happy scene, we read “You can go as far as you like with me”.

The suggestion could be an entirely innocent expression of automobile enthusiasm – or something more risqué.

The postcard photograph, copyright in 1905, was mailed to Miss Katie Kunkel of Lancaster, PA in October of 1906.


The undivided back of the postcard prevents any message being written there, and the margin on the face was left blank.

It seems Katie was amused by the postcard from an unidentified sender from Philadelphia – the card was preserved in good condition for more than a hundred years.


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