Spring in the Tyrol -circa 1930

The Tyrol, a region of the Alps in Central Europe, has been inhabited since the end of the last Glacial period, about 12,000 years ago.

Evidence of prehistoric settlements from the Bronze Age (of about 1800 BC )are still being discovered occasionally.

Two Germanic tribes thrived there, but the many deep and isolated valleys led to variations in local culture. 

Numerous local dialects, the evidence of geographic isolation, can still be heard today.

In 15 BC, the Tyrol entered history (history, as written documentation) with occupation by the Romans and the eventual incorporation of the southern Tyrol into the Roman Empire.

(The fascinating history, from the post-Roman era, through the conquest of Lombardy by Charlemagne, the incorporation into the Holy Roman Empire, and all the ensuing dynastic, political and ecclesiastical, skirmishes is worth exploring.)


Today, the Tyrol region is largely associated with the state within western Austria – the rich area of ski resorts and tourism centered around Innsbruck.

Northern Italy, however, incorporates the southern portions of the historic Tyrol. 

This area also draws tourists and nature-lovers.

This postcard painting was made in Switzerland about 1930.

Here, we see a pleasant path leading to an ancient stone structure.

Around, the bright blossoming trees herald the Spring.


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