Congratulations from the Barber – Oberlin, PA (1911)

Mr. John Pittinger lived in Oberlin, an unincorporated community in Dauphin County of central Pennsylvania.,_Pennsylvania

In April of 1911, Mr. Pittinger celebrated a birthday.

John received a congratulatory postcard from “The Barber”.

The postcard was mailed from Harrisburg, about 5 miles northwest of Oberlin.

The face of the postcard bears a small drawing, in autumnal colors, of a medieval village of thatched-roof structures.

Beneath the drawing is a legend, “With Sincere Congratulations”.

The postcard was printed in England and published by Davidson Brothers of London & New York.

On the reverse, we find only the bare inscription, “The Barber”.

It is possible “The Barber” is a nickname or a reference to an inside joke, but the postcard appears to be a nice example of commercial relationship-building.

(The lack of any personal greeting leads me to believe that this is a bit of commercial outreach.)

Mr. Pittinger seems to have appreciated the gesture, as the postcard was preserved in very good condition for more than a century,


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