A Harbor View to the Mountains – Sparks, Nevada (circa 1910)

Miss Helen Austin was in Sparks, a city in western Nevada.

Sparks was a small settlement near Reno until 1904, when the Southern Pacific Railroad built a switching station and Maintenance Yard in the town.


Sometime around 1910, Helen received a postcard from Aunt Adelie.

The postcard was not mailed, but it appears that Aunt Adelie lived in Maine.

The face of the postcard is a photograph of the harbor in Elsworth, a beautiful city in east-central Maine -near Acadia National Forest.

The harbor at Elsworth is on the Union River and represents the western extent of navigation on that stream.


The postcard was published by the Metropolitan News Company of Boston; it was printed in Germany.

On the reverse, Aunt Adelie assures Helen that “I have not forgotten you”, Aunt Adelie promises to “write you a long letter”.

The postcard may have been included in the promised letter.

One hopes that Helen was thrilled by the photograph from Maine and that she and Aunt Adelie maintained a cordial correspondence.


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