Boys on the Pier – Narragansett, Rhode Island (circa 1906)

Miss Bessie Duglass (also, Douglas) lived in Anselma, a populated place in Chester County of southeast Pennsylvania.

Anselma was an early European settlement and retains a remarkably-intact Mill erected along the Pickering Creek in 1747.

I have several postcards collected by Bessie, and her last name is not spelled consistently on them.

Sometime around 1906, Bessie was given a postcard by Earl.

Because the postcard was not mailed, it is possible that Earl lived nearby, perhaps a neighbor or classmate.

The face of the postcard is a charming photograph of young men enjoying the water at Narragansett Pier.

The postcard was published by the Hugh C. Leighton Company of Portland, Maine; the postcard was printed in Frankfurt, Germany.

Narragansett Pier is a village within the town of Narragansett, on the Atlantic coast of Rhode Island.

The year-round population multiplies during the summer when vacationers visit the town and village.,_Rhode_Island

Because the “undivided back” of the postcard precluded a message on the reverse, Earl inscribes only his name on the face.

One assumes that Bessie treasured this addition to her postcard collection; the postcard was preserved in good condition for more than a hundred years.


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