Aerial View of Havana – Cuba (1937)

Madame La Marr lived in Roadstown, a community in the southwest corner of New Jersey.

In the late 19th century, Roadstown had two hundred residents and several local businesses.

By the early twentieth century, the workers in the mills, the gunsmith, the creators of hand-made furniture had all vanished.,_New_Jersey

In October of 1937, Madame La Marr received a postcard from her friend, Stella.

Stella wrote from Havana (Habana), Cuba, which was a favorite destination of US travelers.

Especially during the 1930’s grand hotels and beautiful buildings decorated the capital city of Cuba.

Cuba, following the Spanish-American War of 1898, was formally independent; the island nation, however, was dominated by US economic interests.

The face of the postcard is a photograph of central Habana from the air.

Beginning in the 1920’s, airplane views of cities and towns were a popular subject for postcards.

People were eager to see their home towns or places of interest in a comprehensive way – identifying familiar structures within a larger context.

Amateur aviators could earn a living by making aerial photographs for the postcard market.

On the reverse, Stella writes that she is “Returning to Miami tomorrow”.

One hopes that the trip was an enjoyable one for Stella and that Madame La Marr was delighted with the view of Havana.


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