Auguste Declares His Love, in French – Providence, R.I. (circa 1910)

Miss Emma Vinier lived in Providence, the beautiful city on the Providence River and the capital of Rhode Island.,_Rhode_Island

It seems that Miss Vinier may have been a native speaker of the French language.

Due to the much larger number of postcards with German inscriptions, we may forget that Americans spoke many non-English languages in the early 20th century.

Sometime around 1910, Emma received a lovely embossed postcard from Auguste.

The postcard was made in Germany and represents the complex process by which the embossed portions of the card are filled with paste.

The weighty greeting depicts a bird emerging from a birdhouse; the birdhouse is surrounded by blossoms.

Beneath the illustration is the legend, “Toujours a vous” or “Always Yours”.

I believe that the initials preceding the legend represent Auguste, as in “Francois Auguste Peridot”, e.g.

On the reverse, Auguste refers to himself as “Your sport” – suggesting that he was the boyfriend of Emma.

Idioms evolved in the early twentieth century, but “sporting” and “sparking” were sometimes synonyms for “dating”.

The postcard was not mailed; it appears that Auguste filled the place for the stamp with tiny kisses.

One hopes that Emma was pleased by the charming greeting and that her romance with the gallant Auguste was successful.


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