A Poppy to Anna – Bausman, PA (1909)

Mother sends a postcard to Anna in Bausman – 1909

On October 27, 1909, Mother mailed a postcard to her daughter, Mrs. Anna Rambo, at the Bausman Post Office.

Bausman is an unincorporated community on the Millersville Pike in Lancaster Township.

The US Postal Service has maintained a post office there since 1889.

The postcard, printed in Germany, is a fine example of postcard art. 

The poppy is composed of layered ink, almost like paint, which would have required multiple applications of color.

On the reverse, Mother reports that she had been to chapel and had seen Elmer’s mother and Nate.

The postcard was mailed from Gap, PA – suggesting that Mother lived there.

Mother asks Anna when she is “coming home”.

It appears that Anna appreciated the well-crafted postcard as it has survived for 110 years.


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