“Come Away With Me” – circa 1908

“Come away with me, Lucille, In my merry Oldsmobile…”. Circa 1908

The automobile changed the lives of Americans in dramatic ways.

While some made fun of the autos as they appeared on the streets in the early 20th century, many celebrated the marvelous inventions.

The song, “Come Away with Me, Lucille” was a big hit of 1905 and remained popular for decades.

Sometime around 1908 (the postmark is almost illegible), Mrs. Hoffrichter received a postcard from her friend, Jeanette.

The face of the postcard is adorned by a very handsome, and winsome, illustration of an auto navigating a narrow, unpaved, lane.

Printed in Germany, the postcard is carefully embossed – the woman’s veil, fluttering in the breeze, is carefully punched out.

Unfortunately, the location of Jeanette and Mrs. Hoffrichter cannot be ascertained.

They lived in the same city, and one hopes that they delighted in this charming example of postcard art in the early years of the 20th century.


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