A Postcard to “The Kids” – Warren, New Hampshire (1932)

The Perkins family lived in Waterford, a beautiful city in southeast Connecticut, near New London and the Long Island Sound.


In October of 1932, Mother and Daddy left the children in care of Maud and took a Fall trip to New Hampshire.

It may be that the Perkins parents were eager to see Fall foliage – seasonal tours for leaf-watching were already popular in the 1930’s.

From Warren, New Hampshire, the parents sent a postcard with a panoramic illustration of the view from Brigle Cliff.

(A search for “Brigle Cliff” shows only two references – each one an early 20th-Century engraving of the place.

It may be that this landmark is now known by another name.)


Warren, New Hampshire is a beautiful town in the White Mountains of west-central New Hampshire.

The postcard view includes Crawfords (this may be “Crawford’s Notch”, an important pass in the northern White Mountains) and the Bretton Woods resort in the distance.


A large elk towers over the foreground.

(Students of history will recall that the Bretton Woods became the site of a United Nations conference in 1944 to establish a framework for international banking – leading to the foundation of the World Bank.)


The postcard was published by J. V. Hartman of Portland, Maine.

On the reverse, Mother and Daddy ask, “How’s our babies” and “are you being good kids for Maud.”

Mother promises to “be home soon with something nice for you”.

One hopes that the Perkins children were good, that Maud was a careful guardian, that Mother and Daddy enjoyed the rest of their Fall excursion, and that the kids received a nice present when the parents returned.


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