Alex Send a Boat of Flowers – Brooklyn, NY (1908)

Miss Ada Cobb was living in Brooklyn, the most populous borough of New York City.

(Because Brooklyn had been an independent city, the use of “Brooklyn” as an address persisted even after the borough’s incorporation into New York City.)

In September, Ada received a Birthday Greeting from her cousin, Alex.

The postmark is for New York, NY – but we do not know if Alex lived in Brooklyn or another borough.

Alex selected a postcard with an illustration of three children in a boat bedecked with flowers.

A printed legend invokes, “All good Wishes”

There is no indication of the artist or of the publisher.

The postcard was printed in Germany.

Beneath the illustration is a hand-written inscription, “To Cousin Ada from Alex”.

On the reverse, Alex has added a further inscription, “I wish you many happy returns of the day.”

As the postcard has been preserved in good condition for well over a century, we may assume that Ada was pleased by this remembrance from her cousin, Alex.

One hopes that the two remained friends and correspondents for many more years.


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