Arthur Sends a Steamship to His Wife – Ellington, NY (1914)

Mrs. Arthur Nelson lived in Ellington, a town formed around sawmills in Chautauqua County of southwest New York.

(The town’s population in 1850 was greater than the population today.),_New_York

In January of 1914, Mrs. Nelson received a lovely postcard from “Art”, who I believe to be her husband.

Art mailed the print of original art from Conewango Valley, a hamlet on the Conewango Creek – about 4 miles northeast of Ellington.,_New_York

The face of the postcard is a pastel (or watercolor) depiction of a small riverside wharf where a steamboat has landed.

This scene could have been made from life on any of the hundreds of streams and rivers that were transport routes in the early 20th century.

On the reverse, Art reports that he “got in early”.

I believe that Art was eager to return to his wife and his home as he writes, “I wish it was Saturday night  -it will soon be here.”

The artist of this charming scene is not identified; the postcard was printed in Germany.

One hopes that Art returned safely on Saturday and had a joyful reunion with his wife.


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