Mrs. Richardson Returns Home at Last – Lynchburg, Virginia (1912)

Mrs. Earl Richardson lived in Lynchburg, the city on the banks of the James River in central Virginia.

Lynchburg lies in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the river runs through the city.,_Virginia

Mrs. Richardson had been away, and she missed her friends “so much”.

Upon her return, Mrs. Richardson sent a postcard to her friend, Miss Ellen Johnson.

Ellen lived in Salem, a city in Roanoke County of west-central Virginia.,_Virginia

The face of the postcard is a dramatic photograph of the rushing water of a river as it tumbles over rocks.

The scene is probably of the James River – attempts to create a canal around the River’s falls were attempted as early as the Colonial era.

On the reverse, Mrs. Richardson tells Ellen that she “thought of you especially the day I came back in the auto-truck.”

(I have seen postcard photographs of early busses.

This picture is of a bus made in Germany in 1912. (from the Wiki).

In ending the message, Mrs. Richardson wonders what Ellen is “doing with yourself” and asks her to write.

One hopes that Miss Johnson was delighted to hear from Mrs. Richardson, that she responded to the postcard, and that the two remained friends for many years.


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