“The Pennsylvania Special” – Circa 1908

The Pennsylvania Railroad was the largest railroad company in the United States and operated hundreds of named trains.

(The budget for the Pennsylvania Railroad was once larger than the budget for the operation of the federal government.)

The first passenger train from New York to Chicago was named the “Pennsylvania Limited”, but in 1902 became the “Pennsylvania Special”.

In 1912, the year that this postcard was mailed from Latrobe, PA, the “Pennsylvania Special” became the famous “Broadway Limited”.

During the next 80 years, the “Broadway Limited” increased in speed, safety, and luxury.

(I caught the “Broadway Limited” on numerous occasions when traveling between Lancaster, PA and New York City until the name, “Broadway Limited”, was retired in 1995.)

This hand-tinted postcard photograph was printed in Scranton, PA and published by the Union News Company.

I love traveling by train, but have never collected railroad memorabilia specifically.

Nevertheless, I was happy to find this memento from the period of 10 years in which the “Pennsylvania Special” was transporting passengers for 18 hours between Chicago and New York.

(I made digital repairs to this postcard – there were numerous ink stains and scratches on the face. If you check the scan of the reverse, posted in the Comments, you will see that I restored the torn corner.)


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