Blossom Sends Her Photograph – Daggett, Michigan (1911)

Blossom lived in Daggett, a village near the southeast border of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

(The village was named for Elmira Daggett, the first Postmistress!),_Michigan

In July of 1911 (?), Blossom sent a new postcard photograph of herself to Mrs. Simon Bolin.

Mrs. Bolin, “Eleanor”, lived in Menominee, a city (and county seat) about 24 miles south of Daggett.

A booming lumber industry supported the building of beautiful homes and civic buildings in Menominee.

(In 1940, during the “Gracie for President” publicity stunt of Gracie Allen, townspeople tried to elect the comedienne as Mayor – but she was disqualified for lack of residency.,_Michigan

On the reverse of the postcard, Blossom asks about Eleanor’s family and reports, “We are all well…”.

One hopes that Blossom and Eleanor remained friends and correspondents for many years.


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