Children Regarding the Turkey – Juda, Wisconsin (1913)

Mrs. J. Park Roderick lived in Juda, a small, unincorporated community in south-central Wisconsin.,_Wisconsin

In November of 1913, Mrs. J. Park Roderick received a Thanksgiving postcard from her cousin, E. Richardson.

The message addresses “Mr. and Mrs. J. P, Roderick”, so we know that the addressee was not living alone.

The postmark is unintelligible, so we do not know by how much distance the cousins were separated.

(The red one-cent stamp bears a lovely engraving in celebration of the Postal Clerk; the stamp was first issued in 1913.)

On the face, two cherubic-looking children gaze upon a large turkey.

The expressions on the faces of the children could be gratitude, sympathy or fear.

A gilt script expresses, “Good Wishes” and “Thanksgiving”.

As the turkey was likely to be consumed in the near future, we assume that the “Good Wishes” are addressed to the human recipients of the postcard.

On the reverse, the cousin writes, “wish you both a happy Thanksgiving day.”

The cousin promises, “I am sending you a turkey and some children (sic)”.

It is not clear if E. Richardson is sending visitors to the Rodericks, if this is an error in writing, or if some other meaning is intended.

One hopes that Mr. and Mrs. Roderick received the turkey as promised, that the children were in their appropriate places, and that all enjoyed a splendid celebration of Thanksgiving.


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