Turkeys Dispute the Wishbone – Wilmington, Delaware (1907)

Mrs. Richard Webb lived in Wilmington, the manufacturing, commercial, and transportation center of the State of Delaware.


In November of 1907, Mrs. Webb received a Thanksgiving postcard from Selina.

The postcard does not offer any clues about the relationship of Selina to Mrs. Webb.

We have seen, however, a Christmas Postcard mailed from Selina to Mrs. Webb in 1909.

Mailed from a town in Pennsylvania, possibly Girardville, the postcard reached Wilmington only hours after it was posted.

Girardville is a borough in the anthracite region of east-central Pennsylvania.


The face of the postcard bears a drawing of two large turkeys disputing the possession of a drumstick.

(Whether turkeys actually would consume turkey bones does not seem to have occurred to the artist.)

The well-made scene was published by the English firm of Raphael Tuck & Sons, art publishers to the Crown.

It is from the “Thanksgiving Day Post Cards Series”.

Although it was now permitted to inscribe a message on the reverse, Selina did not do so – she added her name to the face of the postcard.

Mrs. Webb seems to have been pleased by the Thanksgiving remembrance, she preserved the postcard in excellent condition throughout her life.

One hopes that Selina and Mrs. Webb enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving in 1907.


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