The Mountains of Mexico – A Sunday in 1939

On Sunday, January 22, 1939, visitors (probably from Nogales, Arizona) mailed a postcard from Nogales, Mexico to celebrate their visit.

(The reverse of the postcard is inscribed with “Nogales, Arizona”, but I believe that this is the home of the sender as the postmark was applied to a Mexican stamp in Mexico.)

The postcard was addressed to Miss Virginia McAllister of Glendale, Arizona; we have met members of the McAllister family in other postcard stories.

There are two cities named “Nogales”; the Mexican city lies on the border of the US and Mexico, the city of Nogales in Arizona lies about 60 miles north of the border.

The postcard, with a Mexican postage stamp, was mailed from the Mexican city.

I have a couple dozen postcards that reflect the casual cross-border activity of day-trippers, shoppers, and sight-seers in a simpler and less angry era that did not emphasize borders.

I like this card because it represents original art, signed by the artist, that was printed in Mexico.

The impressionistic view, with the bold blocking of shapes, is quite charming.


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