Eight Kisses from Rory – Detroit, Michigan (1908)

Miss Mayme Pulcher lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Mayme had a devoted suitor, Tom, who traveled through the upper Midwest for his business.

Every day, Tom sent a postcard to Mayme; I have seen more than a hundred of Tom’s postcards -now in the collections of antique dealers.

On March 22, 1908, Tom sent a postcard from Detroit.

The face of the postcard is a charming photograph of a young couple; the young man is identified as Rory O’More.

The postcard was printed in Great Britain, possibly in Ireland – the young man is given an Irish-sounding name.

The publisher seems to be the Rotary Photographic Company.

 Beneath the photograph is a rhyming couplet:

“Now Rory leave off Sir, you’ll hug me no more;

That’s eight times today that you’ve kissed me before!”

Tom, apparently a good Catholic lad, writes beneath the printed verse,

“Did not happen in Lent, though”.

On the reverse, Tom notes the beautiful Spring weather and expresses a hope that Mayme is well.

We hope that the separated lovers enjoyed a joyful reunion at Easter.


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