Father Time Turns Away – Richmond, Virginia (1909)

Mrs. Cutts lived in Richmond, the stately city on the James River of central Virginia.


After Christmas of 1909, Mrs. Cutts received a New Year greeting from Mrs. Rogers.

The postcard was mailed from Washington, DC – about 110 miles north of Richmond.

The face of the postcard is gilded; a medallion drawing shows Father Time retreating, while a winged New Year cherub leaps to the foreground.

Father Time seems to be dropping grains of sand from his diminished hour glass.

The medallion is surrounded by blue forget-me-nots.

This example of postcard art was published by a firm with a logo featuring a small figure putting a letter into a pillar postbox.

The postcard was “Printed in Germany”.

On the reverse, Mrs. Rogers thanks Mrs. Cutts for her “letter and little gifts”.

It seems that the Cutts family is well, although one is not working.

One hopes that Mrs. Cutts and her family, and Mrs. Rogers, enjoyed a prosperous and satisfying 1910.


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