“Nothing Can Beat the FivePointVille Girls”- Lancaster County, PA (1922)

This whimsical postcard greeting was exchanged between friends in communities of northern Lancaster County, PA.

In March of 1922, Miss Jennie Sweigart was celebrating a birthday.

Jennie lived on a rural delivery route from East Earl, PA.


“Guess” selected a postcard with a bouquet of flowers on which to send birthday greetings.

The postcard lacks a stamp and a postmark, so it may have been hand-delivered.

I suspect that this was an exchange between school girls or neighbors.

“Guess” added a whimsical verse:

“Rabbits are nice, and so are squirrels,

But nothing can beat the Five Point Ville girls”

(This may have been a common rhyme, sometimes applied to other locations.)

Five Point Ville is named for the intersection of five roads that meet in this unincorporated community.

Five Point Ville is near Terre Hill, once a center of cigar manufacturing.


One hopes that Jennie was amused by the postcard and that she and “Guess” and all the “Fivepointville girls” enjoyed a wonderful Spring in 1922.


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