Friendship Across the Atlantic – New York, NY  (1907)

Marcel Lebree (?) lived on West 25th Street in Manhattan.

At the time Marcel lived there, this working-class neighborhood included the flower markets (now, almost extinct) and myriad workshops that supported New York’s garment industry.

In January of 1907, Marcel received a charming postcard from France.

His friend, Francois Morere, sent New Year’s greetings.

The postcard is illustrated by a beautiful, embossed garland of flowers and a dove bearing a message.

The legend, “Souvenir d’Amitie”, proclaims the remembrance of a friendship.

The postcard was mailed from France, and I assume that Marcel had emigrated from that country.

In the early 20th century, Manhattan was still the home to thousands of immigrant workers from all parts of Europe.

One hopes that Marcel was touched by the remembrance of his friend and that he and Francois enjoyed a happy and prosperous 1907.


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