Mr. Hartman’s Son Visits Amsterdam – Waynesboro, PA (1928)

Mr. B. F. Hartman lived in Waynesboro, a borough of Franklin County in south central Pennsylvania.

The borough lies in the Cumberland Valley, only two miles from the Mason-Dixon Line.

In the Fall of 1928, Mr. Hartman received a postcard from his son who had made a quick tour of Amsterdam on a Sunday morning.

The postcard bears an uncolored photograph of the Damrak- a partially filled canal and avenue in the center of the city.

Mailed from the Central Station of Amsterdam, the postcard was published by a Dutch firm.

On the reverse, his son reports to “dear Dad” that he will cross the Channel tonight and will write again from London.

In case Mr. Hartman was worried, the son closes by saying, “everything going fine”.

Unfortunately, we do not know the nature of this excursion.

Mr. Hartman’s son could have been engaged in vacation travel, attending to business, or participating in an academic tour.

I have several postcards from the life of B. F. Hartman and know that he taught school for (at least) several years – his students presented postcard greetings to him.

One hopes that Mr. Hartman soon saw his son again and was able to learn more of the son’s European adventures.


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