Mamie Learns to Roller-Skate – Utah (1908)

Miss Minnie Thorn was in Lehi, a city at the northern end of the Utah Valley in north-central Utah.

Today, Lehi is a center of the tech industry in Utah.,_Utah

It seems that Minnie was on vacation when she received a postcard from her sister, Mamie, who was writing from another place in Utah.

According to the address, Minnie Thorn was staying in the household of R. Wells.

The postcard is a two-color illustration of a peaceful rural scene – a structure (perhaps a mill or a barn) stands near a placid stream.

On the reverse, Mamie teases Minnie about getting home sick, and encourages her to “see all the sights and write and tell me all about them”.

Mamie then reports the exciting news in her life, “I’ve been learning to roller-skate”.

Mamie seems to enjoy her new activity; she exclaims, “My, it’s a sport”.

Roller Skating enjoyed a boom in the early 20th century.

This excerpt is from the Wiki article:

“Roller skating boomed in popularity from 1880 to 1910; roller skates were mass produced and skating in rinks became popular with the general public in Europe, North and South America, and Australia. Specialized types of roller skating appeared in this period, such as figure skating and speed skating”.

One hopes that Minnie did see some wonderful sights on her trip to Lehi, that Mamie became proficient on roller-skates, and that the sisters had many wonderful things to share when they were reunited.


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