“Help Us Name the Baby Boy” – Lebanon, PA (1913)

Mark Z. McGill lived in Washington, DC, but members of his family resided in central Pennsylvania.

In March of 1913, Mark received a postcard from Grace.

The postcard was mailed from Lebanon, PA and reports a birth in the family of D. W. McGill.


Grace writes, “The D. W. McGill family was made proud and happy this morning by the arrival of a bouncing baby boy.”

Mark is asked to “help us out of this great question of naming the only boy we can boast of.”

The new baby boy should have a “classical name”.

I have several postcards related to members of the McGill family, but have not yet sorted out the relationships between the correspondents.

A reader conducted a genealogical search and found the following:

“The bouncing baby boy was named Dennis Marcellus McGill born 1913 and died 1987.

He has 7 sisters, the eldest is Grace.

His father, David Warren McGill, was school teacher in Lebanon area; his mother was Amy Adele Tobias.”

This comic postcard features a young woman peering out from beneath a cloche hat.

(The fitted, bell-shaped hat was introduced in 1908, but became wildly popular in the 1920’s.)


The girl in the illustration seems to foreshadow the era of the flappers.

Beneath the illustration is a legend that appears to read, “I got my eye on you”.

One is glad that the baby was given a suitable name, and that the entire family rejoiced at the new member.

It is possible that the little boy received an inordinate amount of doting attention from 7 older sisters!


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