Santa Operates the North Pole Wireless – Moorman’s River, Virginia (circa 1910)

Master Erle Bowen lived in Moorman’s River, Virginia.

This small community in Albemarle County took its name from the Moorman River nearby.

Today, there is no longer a post office by this name, and the location is not mapped.

We have seen another postcard to Moorman’s River – the recipient, Master Lee Bowen, is probably a brother or other relative of Erle Bowen.

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At Christmas, in a year near 1910, Erle was given a postcard from his Aunt Virdie and Uncle Aubry.

The postcard was not mailed, so we might assume that the uncle and aunt lived nearby.

It appears that young Erle may have been interested in the telegraph or the phenomenon of wireless communication.

The face of the postcard bears a wonderful illustration of Santa Claus as a wireless operator.

The North Pole is a telegraph pole.

A sign indicates that this is the “North Pole Wireless Company” with a Proprietor of Santa Claus.

I have never seen a Christmas Postcard like this one – designed to appeal to those who were fascinated by the telegraph system.

One hopes that Erle was delighted by the postcard and that he, along with Aunt Virdie and Uncle Aubry, enjoyed a blessed Christmas.


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