May Sends a Postal of Trinity Church – South Norwalk, Connecticut (1906)

May Bates lived in South Norwalk, a town in the southwest corner of Connecticut, on the Long Island Sound.

In 1913, South Norwalk was incorporated into the city of Norwalk.

(The settlement was first called “Old Well” where sailing ships would refill their water casks.),_Connecticut

It appears that May was a member of a postcard exchange, or had entered into a private arrangement with other postcard collectors.

In September of 1906, May sent a postcard to Laura Jo Brown of Washington DC.

The face of the postcard is a photograph of Trinity Episcopal Church in South Norwalk.

The church was created as a small, stone chapel to which a very tall tower was later added.

We don’t know if this was May’s parish church, or if she chose the postcard because the church was a local landmark.

On the face, May writes, “Many thanks for the postals” and inscribes her name, “May Bates”.

The postcard was printed in Germany; the publisher is not noted.

A hand-colored photograph of this Church from the early years of the 20th century is preserved in the Norwalk Public Library.

From histories of other congregations found on-line, one learns that Trinity Episcopal was a leader in inter-faith efforts (especially with the United Church of Christ) to minister to the changing racial and economic population of the neighborhood.

Alas, Trinity Episcopal Church was destroyed in a disastrous fire in 1974 and the diocese decided not to rebuild the structure.

One hopes that Laura was pleased by the postal and that she and May remained correspondents for many years.


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