The Maiden’s Prayer – Chickies, PA (1909)

Upon first glance at the title on the face, I thought that this might be a comic postcard – there are many postcard variations on the theme of the single woman desperate to be married.

But this is a straight-forward appeal for Divine Grace and Protection that could be made by persons in any life situation.

The illustration- a bejeweled medallion framing the image of a young woman kneeling before an altar – is not credited.

The prayer appears on a small scroll beneath the image.

The postcard was printed in Germany.

On the reverse, we learn that the postcard was sent as a Christmas greeting.

Zeba posted the card to Mr. William McElroy of Chickies, PA.

Chickies, or Chiques, Pennsylvania was a settlement at the foot of a large cliff-face overlooking the Susquehanna River. The iron mills of the town were served by the Pennsylvania Canal system that lined the banks of the river. The town declined at the coming of the railroad and new railroad tracks and a highway have been built over the original settlement.

The Post Office was discontinued at the end of 1909, making this postcard among the last bits of mail delivered at Chickies.

A large County Park, including industrial ruins of the foundations of homes, now occupies the site.

The stamp and most of the postmark is missing, but a Red Cross stamp shows that the postcard was addressed at Christmas of 1909.

One hopes that Zeba and William enjoyed Christmas of 1909, and that the two remained friends for many years.


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