Mount Rainier from the Train – circa 1940

In other postcard stories, we have looked at the role of railroads in the promotion of natural wonders – especially in National Parks.

This linen postcard was published by the Northern Pacific Railroad, “The Yellowstone Line”.

It was not mailed, but represents a stye of postcard circa 1940.

The face shows a drawing of Mount Rainier – “America’s Noblest Peak”.

This original art has a modern feel, perhaps an Art Deco influence.

The train that is pictured in the drawing is a steam engine, which would have been disappearing in 1940.

On the reverse, the blurb notes the spectacular view that is afforded railroad passengers when the train crosses Stampede Pass in the Cascade Mountain Range.

I find that these postcards are still a powerful inducement to make scenic train trips.

The North Coast Limited was air-conditioned, which would have added greatly to the comfort of travelers.


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