Riding the Trolley to Whitefish Bay – Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1918)

In an earlier postcard story, we saw a postcard photograph of the Whitefish Bay Resort on Lake Michigan.

The resort was developed by the brewing magnate, Frederick Pabst, in the German-American community near Milwaukee.

“Visiting the Beach in February – Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin (1902)”

The postcard story noted that local visitors could take a trolley to the resort.

Here is a postcard view of the trolley rounding a curve en route to Whitefish Bay.

The postcard photograph was published by E. C. Kropp of Milwaukee.

In December of 1918, Tracy sent the postcard to Miss Annie Kolerus.

Tracy was in Milwaukee, but Annie lived in the very small, unincorporated community of Grimms – about 100 miles to the north.


On the reverse, Tracy acknowledges the receipt of Annie’s postcard and expresses an apology for not having sent a Christmas greeting.

A letter is promised that will explain Tracy’s inability to “go at the store”.

The message makes no reference to Whitefish Bay; we do not know if Tracy enjoyed visiting the place.

One hopes that Annie was pleased to receive the postcard and was able to overlook the missing Christmas greeting.


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