The Popularity of Balloons – Trenton, New Jersey (1907)

I have added this postcard illustration of balloons to the section on “Transportation” because the postcard represents the enormous public curiosity about airships that existed in the early 20th century.

Mrs. John Clark lived in Brooklyn, New York.

In October of 1907, she may have been celebrating a birthday.

From Trenton, New Jersey, Mrs. Applegate mailed a postcard to Mrs. Clark.

The face of the postcard bears an illustration of two embossed hot-air balloons.

Between the balloons, in gilded letters, is the greeting, “Best Wishes”.

It is not clear what occasion precipitated the greeting.

On the reverse, Mrs. Applegate writes, “Will see you soon”.

One hopes that Mrs. Clark was delighted by the postcard and that the friends were able to meet.


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