“The Water’s Fine” – Savin Rock, Connecticut (1909)

Savin Rock is a rocky outcropping of the shorefront in the city of West Haven, of southwest Connecticut.


In the 1870’s the trolley line was extended to the area, a pier was built to accommodate steamboats, and a large amusement park quickly developed around a grand resort hotel established there.

In 1919, more than 1.2 million vacationers visited Savin Rock.

Several unique attractions remained in operation until the park was finally abandoned in the 1960’s.


Anna M. Doll visited the bustling resort area in July of 1909.

Anna sent a postcard to her friend, Mrs. Lewis Spencer of Seymour, Connecticut.

Seymour is a town in New Haven County, about 14 miles northwest of West Haven.


The face of the postcard is a night scene of the rocky shoreline of Savin Rock.

Published by the “E. P. J. Company”, the postcard was made in Germany.

On the reverse, Anna writes, “Come on in.  The water’s fine”.

One hopes that Anna was thrilled by the many amusements of Savin Rock, that Mrs. Spencer was pleased to be remembered, and that the friends remained correspondents for many years.


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