Naomi Krause is Growing Up – Adams Mills, Ohio (1911)

Chas was in Akron, Ohio.

On September 6, 1911, he sent a postcard to Mrs. James Balo of Adams Mills, Ohio.

Adams Mills is a small community in northeast Ohio, it grew up around the Adams Brothers Flour Mills in the 1830’s.

In the 1840’s, the Adams Brothers bought up surrounding land and gave housing plots to their employees.

The town was on the Ohio & Erie Canal.

Akron is about 90 miles from Adams Mills.

(The Adams brothers were strong abolitionists and aided the Underground Railroad through northern Ohio.)

The postcard photograph of a little girl bears the inscription, “Naomi Krause”.

In his written message, Chas seems to be responding to a reproach about not writing.

He promises to write, “some of these days”, but explains that “I don’t write to anybody else more often than I write to you.”

We do not know the relationship of Chas to Mrs. Balo, nor the relationship of Chas to the child, Naomi Krause.

I thought, perhaps, that Mrs. Balo was the worried mother of Chas, and that she might be made happier by the picture of little Naomi Krause, her granddaughter.

But that is not possible unless Mrs. Balo had remarried.

In any event, one hopes that Chas prospered in the growing city of Akron and that bright-eyed Naomi had a delightful childhood.


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