Ruby Sends Christmas Postcards to Her Pupils -Middleton, Michigan (1910)

Harold Chambers lived in Middleton, an unincorporated community in central Michigan.

Harold was a pupil in a class taught by Ruby.

It is not clear if this was a public school or a Sunday School Class.

(That Ruby inscribed a Bible Verse on the reverse does not preclude her being a public-school teacher.  In 1910, most classrooms opened the day with a reading from the Bible and a prayer.)

In December of 1910, Harold received a Christmas postcard from his teacher.

The postcard is embossed, with a rich drawing of flowers filling a large bowl.

The legend reads, “Christmas Greeting”.

There is no indication of the artist or of the publisher.

The inscription on the reverse is a verse from the Book of Revelation; “Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life…”

The message ends, “Your teacher, Ruby” and “Merry Xmas”.

One hopes that Harold appreciated the beautiful postcard and the devotion of his teacher, and that he and Ruby enjoyed a wonderful Christmas in 1910.


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