The Five Women – Circa 1905

This postcard photograph was not mailed.

I was glad to see the legible names inscribed on the reverse, but there is no indication of the location or of the date at which the photograph was made.

Two pairs of women have the same last name; it is possible that all the woman are cousins or have some other degree of familial relationship.

The ages of the woman appear to span a number of years, but I am notoriously bad at estimating age.

Thus, we know only that Minnie Farrington, Carrie and Bertha Childs, Iva Alehorn, and Zennie Farrington met for a photograph sometime before 1910.

One hopes that the group remained on friendly terms for many years in the new, twentieth century.


I performed a quick internet search for Zennie (unusual names are more easily found.)

A “Zennie Farrington” was born in Spartanburg, PA (Crawford County) in 1886.  Zennie’s mother was named Minnie Childs.

(Carrie Childs and Bertha Childs may be the nieces or cousins of Minnie Childs Farrington).

Zennie married Cassius Morgan Fish and had a son and two daughters.

She died, in Erie, Pennsylvania, on February 26, 1966 and was buried in Spartanburg.

It is possible that the woman on the left is the mother of the woman on the right – Minnie Childs Farrington and Zennie Farrington.


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