The Excursion by Train – Fayetteville, Tennessee (1908)

Miss Matie L. Jones lived in Shelbyville, a city in central Tennessee.

Although it has an industrial base today, Shelbyville was the center of Tennessee horse country for many years.,_Tennessee

In June of 1908, Auntie sent a postcard Mattie about an exciting excursion that was to take place on Tuesday.

Auntie wrote from Fayetteville,   a small city in south-central


The face of the postcard is an idyllic rural scene called, “Peaceful Valley”.

Amid gently-sloping hills, a cottage stands above a winding stream.

I cannot find any identification of the postcard artist or of the publisher.

On the reverse, Auntie describes the arrangements for the excursion.

Auntie and Evelyn will take the early train; Ethel may join them or wait for a later train.

It seems that there is a lot of interest in this event from the people of Fayetteville; Auntie writes, “a good many…are going from this place”.

“Our Pastor” is planning to join the group.

One wishes to know what event was occurring on a week-day in June.

A quick internet search did not disclose any events in rural Tennessee at this time and place.

It may have been a Camp Meeting, an area festival, a dedication, or a noted public address.

Whatever the occasion, one hope that the travelers enjoyed the journey and the event, and that they returned safely to their homes in the Spring of 1908.


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