The Giant Flying Craft – Atlantic City, NJ (1920)

Benjamin G. Stauffer lived near Lancaster, Pa.

I believe that this is the same Benjamin Stauffer who received awards from his schoolteacher in 1910.

In August of 1920, Benjamin received a postcard from friends who were visiting Atlantic City.

Unfortunately, I cannot decipher the signature; it could be “the Boyers”, “The Boys”, or some other name.

On the reverse, the sender reports that “we got here alright and are having a fine time”.

The travelers ran into friends on the Boardwalk – “we met Christ Hahnecker (?) and Sam Oberholtzer’s”.

“They are all going in the water this afternoon”.

Unlike the hundreds of thousands of postcards from Atlantic City in the 1920’s, this one does not show the crowded beach or the Boardwalk attractions.

The face of this postcard is an amazing view of an early “flying boat”.

The postcard illustration names the machine, “The Giant Flying Craft N.C. 4.”

The postcard was published in Atlantic City.

The Curtiss NC4 was, indeed, a flyng boat; it was conceived during World War I as a cooperative effort between the US Navy and Curtiss.

The Curtiss NCC4 was designed to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, although not non-stop.

After the war, the Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company continued to develop the design, and the first craft was flown in 1919 -a year before the postcard was mailed.

We met the aviation pioneer and inventor, Glenn Curtiss, in an earlier postcard story.

One hopes that the vacationers continued to enjoy Atlantic City and that Benjamin was thrilled to receive the illustration of the new flying craft.


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