“The Lord is Risen” – Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1927)

Master Frank Dite lived in Milwaukee, the bustling city on Lake Michigan in south-east Wisconsin.


From the form of address, we can assume that Frank was a boy – probably younger than 12.

In April of 1927, young Frank received an Easter postcard from his Aunt Annie.

Aunt Annie mailed the postcard from Baileyville, an unincorporated community (west of Rockford) in north- central Illinois.


The face of the postcard bears a bright drawing of Spring flowers.

Above the bouquet are the words, “Easter Greeting”.

Beneath the bunch of blossoms is the acclamation, “The Lord is Risen Indeed”.

The legend is a quotation from the Gospel of St. Luke.

The postcard was printed in Germany and mailed at a time that most postcard production was in the United States.

On the reverse of the postcard, a thoughtful Aunt Annie inscribes the date, her location, and “A Happy Easter”.

One hope that master Frank was old enough to appreciate the postcard and that he and Aunt Annie remained friends and correspondents for many years.


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