The Three Generations of Women – circa 1915

Young Valerie Payne may have been celebrating a special occasion- she looks radiant in her bonnet, small neck-piece of fur, and a furry muff.

Beside her are her mother and her grandmother.

It appears to be early morning or late afternoon as the sunlight and shadows fall in a pronounced slant.

This postcard photograph lacks any indication of location, date, or the studio that made the print.

I have estimated the date to be later than 1910 when postcard photographs were most popular.

This photo was not made by a studio.

That it might have been made by a personal camera, might have been processed by one of the many photo shops that began replacing photography studios, suggests a date closer to 1920.

Some thoughtful person did inscribe the name of “Valerie Payne” on the reverse, and also indicated that this was her mother and grandmother.

One hopes that the three generations maintained their affectionate relationship for many years.


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