The Woolworth Building -Lancaster, PA (1929)

In February of 1929, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fahnestock were wintering in Sebring, Florida.

Friends of the Fahnestocks, Elam and Naomi, remained in Ephrata.

During a week of very cold weather, Elam and Naomi mailed to Florida this hand-colored image of the Woolworth Building in Lancaster.

(Most readers know that Lancaster was the site of F. W. Woolworth’s first successful store -an earlier venture had failed.)

I have several views of this magnificent structure, but none like this one – with horse-drawn carriages and wagons in the streets.

The image was made and copyright by I. Steinfeldt of Lancaster – a prolific postcard publisher specializing in local landmarks.

(This structure was demolished by the Woolworth Corporation – Lancastrians today cannot help but mourn when comparing this building to the current east side of North Queen Street.)

One hopes that the Fahnestocks, despite their warm vacation, thought fondly of Lancaster when they received this postcard.


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