“My Overalls” – copyright 1906

It is unfortunate that this cute postcard was never mailed.

While sending it through the post office increases the chances of a disfiguring mark or tear, the postcard becomes more interesting when we can identify the person to whom it was important.

The drawing of a girl wearing faded blue overalls was copyright by S. S. Porter in 1906.

The postcard appears to have been printed circa 1907, as the reverse is a “divided back”.

The plump little girl is smiling, and it appears as though the overalls have been put to good use.

Our young heroine is barefooted, and she has pushed her hands into the pockets of her overalls.

This postcard has a companion piece- a postcard drawing of the same girl in white slip and belted shorts- called “My Underalls”.

Both postcards were preserved in good condition, suggesting that some collector enjoyed the charming images.


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